2017 Wedding Reception Theme Ideas

Wedding Reception Theme Ideas While the themed weddings are not likely the best option for everyone, this will allow you to have a more focused approach to Planning Your reception décor. By tyingin all elements of the wedding, centerpieces, flowers, favors and the overall appearance of the reception, you will simplify the process for yourself, make your decision easier, impress your guests, and save money.

The hardest part will be choosing a theme. You need to make sure the theme of fresh, elegant and suitable for you and Your spouseto-be. Make sure you don’t pick a theme that can be mistaken for prom themes, such as “under the sea.” Have fun with it, but make sure it is cooked. Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

Black and white

With a black and white themed wedding, you’ll be basing everything from basic and elegant black and white. This is a theme which is very cheap for a bride because themain decoration alone will. On a black and white wedding, guests are invited to wear black to set apart the bride will wear white. A word of warning: don’t make some colors other than black and white themes. Most guests will already have something black to wear and will not to buy new clothes for the wedding. If the bride and groom want to save money for themselves, they need to make it easy for those attending the wedding to save money as well.


No matter what time of year it is, it is always a few seasons, and therefore, you can always do a seasonal-themed wedding reception. Holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine’s day and Easter, so easy to decorate. You could also decorate according spring,summer, autumn and winter. For example, if you do a spring wedding, you could have a garden theme including pièces gardening tools and a few potted plants as wedding favors. The seasonal decorations will allow you to save money on your wedding flowers as well.


There are so many things you can do with your wedding reception theme Zen. Like the Zen ceremony wedding theme, you can organize a reception, refreshing, relaxing and peaceful. Set the fountain as guests entered the reception hall. After the guests were inside, allowing them to be transported to another world. Set the paper umbrella, bonsai trees, rock garden, the lanterns, and origami. Guests will have lots of fun with this theme, like I did at Zen themed Weddings I attended a few years ago. This will be memorable for all.

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